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Terms of Use

Please do not use for illegal purposes!
This tool is for legal/educational purposes only! I am definitely not responsible for any illegal use of the Evil Extractor tool.
• By purchasing this tool, you automatically accept to the Terms of Use. 
• If you use this software to harm someone, you take the full responsibility.

• You assume full responsibility for any unlawful actions taken by using this software.

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• The unlawful use of Evil Extractor is strictly prohibited and will result in permanent suspension of your license. We have zero tolerance for any illegal or unethical activities conducted using our software. Please note that Evil Extractor is designed for legal and educational purposes only. We strongly advise our users to comply with our Terms of Use and use our software responsibly.

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Terms of Service

• By purchasing this tool, you automatically accept to the Terms of Service. 
• All sales are final, NO REFUNDS.

• There will be no refunds in case the software is detected by antiviruses (please read question 1 in F.A.Q).

• If any problems with the software appeared, be sure to read the “Installation and Usage.pdf” and “If something goes wrong README.pdf” COMPLETELY. If the problem still persists, contact us firstly.

• Evil Extractor can only run on the computer where you entered the license key. So make sure you select the correct computer when entering your license key (Virtual machine highly recommended for clean setup). You can only reset your HWID once a month.

• We only pay for your server. If you break the rules (for example: using your server for phishing), your server may be closed by provider. In this case, we can’t do anything.

• DO NOT upload your agent to VirusTotal. If you are caught while doing this, you will not receive new updates of the software anymore (+ ban reason). We integrated KleenScan service to Evil Extractor. If you want to test your agents’ detection value, you can use our Agent Scan system.

• Do not ask me for spreading methods, I can’t help you with that.

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