Evil Extractor

Frequently Asked Questions

Q-1: Is it really undetectable?

A: Yes. Every method in Evil Extractor has successfully bypassed Windows 10/11 Defender and many other AVs but this could change at any moment. We continuously update our software to make it undetectable. While it is important for us to maintain its undetectability, we cannot guarantee this for lifetime.

Q-2: What if my target has a lower Windows version?

A: Evil Extractor agent will work on any Windows with PowerShell 5.1+ installed. You can check the list from here.

Q-3: How will I get new updates?

A: When a new version gets released, you will get the download link automatically.
You also can manually follow our update notes right here – https://evilextractor.com/updates/

Q-4: Agent Size?

A: When you create your agent without using extra features, the size is between 100-300 KB, but when you use extra features, it will be 5 MB+

Q-5: Can my target see traces?

A: It will not leave any traces. On the server side: If you want to hundred percent anonymity, you can pay your server with cryptocurrency (this is how customers’ servers are provided) and change your IP address before logging in.

Q-6: What exactly does “Single user license” means?

A: Evil Extractor can only be installed on one computer.