Evil Extractor

Evil Extractor

Evil Extractor is an attack software developed by Kodex, against Windows-Based operating systems. There are 7 main attack types to choose from in Evil Extractor. Each of them has different features but, they all work via ftp service.

Real hackers don’t use reverse shells right? If you have only one bullet, would you waste with reverse shell? Try Evil Extractor to have golden bullet.

Antivirus Results

If you don’t know what to do, don’t worry! We will send a detailed documentation for you. 

• Windows 10 (x64) ✅

• Windows 11 (x64) ✅

(Virtual machine highly recommended for clean setup)

• Fully integrated with Windows 10/11 (x64 & x86) ✅

• Also works on all Windows Operating systems (x64 & x86) based on PowerShell 5.1 & 5.1 + ✅

You can check the list from here

Ftp server (We will provide free FTP server for 1 month to all customers)

[Can’t be destroyed] Evil Extractor agent keep works in the background, even if it is forcibly closed after it executes. (Works with Extra Features)

[Agent Scan System] You can scan your agent detection value through Evil Extractor (KleenScan Service)

[Windows Defender Bypass] Evil Extractor agent will add itself to exclusions once it executes.

[Anti VM-VirusTotal] Evil Extractor agent will not run inside Virtual Machine/VirusTotal

[Silent] Evil Extractor agent will be fully silent in the background once it executes.

[No Traces] Evil Extractor agent leaves no trace on the target system.

[UAC Bypass] Evil Extractor agent will always run as administrator.